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Find Gems in Hundreds of Applicants

We are a crowd of experienced remote HR professionals who perform a variety of checks so that you can be sure to not lose great talent in a flood of unqualified CVs

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We copied the hiring practices from companies like

Let's see if this is for you

Many companies we talk to waste a lot of time on spammy applicants. They don't even see the problem any more because they got so used to it.

Do you get a flood of CVs who are just bogus from obviously unqualified people?


Do you waste time with hiring tests and are still not sure if the hire is actually good?


Is someone technically good but you fear they might not be the person doing the job?


We work with all programming languages. We can test all major frameworks.

And many more...

An easy email interface

How it works?

Most companies work with email. They get their CVs delivered, and forward us the CVs that they want to have checked.

  • Step-1: Forward us CVs

    Just send us all applicants you got. We'll collect them.

  • Step-2: We'll Perform Background Checks

    Nothing for you to do here. This takes 1-3 days depending on the depth (see below).

  • Step-3: See Your Dashboard

    We'll present all finding in a comprehensive dashboard for your hiring decision.

You determine the depth of our checks

Reference Research

We sort CVs based on if they match your JD. Then we google every reference.

Video call test

We send you a 1min recorded video of every applicant so that you see if they can speak proper English.

Deep reference check

We call references and ask about the performance. You’ll get an extract of all info gathered.

Coding test

We interview the best candidates and put them through an hour-long coding test.

Reports are ready in a few hours and look like this

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Actionable Results

  • Reference Checks: We go through references and research if they are real. Opionall we call them and ask for their performance.

  • Video Samples: We call the applicant and test if they are a real person who can speak English.

  • Code check: If you hire developers we go through their github profile and tell how you much they really achieved.

Leverage a small recruiting team with us

Pricing that scales with your hiring

Your recruiting team can be augmented without hiring additional full-time staff. Imagine a few recruiters handling hundreds of applicants. A real time and money saver.

Soon trusted by hundreds of customers


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Best for startups / solo founders



One time, valid 1 month

  • Includes up to 50 CVs
  • 50 reference checks
  • 6 video checks
  • 3 coding test calls
  • No deep reference checks


Best for recruitment teams

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Billed Annually

  • 500 CVs / month
  • 100 deep reference checks
  • 50 video calls
  • 30 coding tests
  • ATS integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions & answers

How much information do you need?

We need at least your job description. But don't worry - we'll ask that from you in the next email.

How discreet are you?

We have to talk to the best candidates - otherwise you might waste time finding out they cannot speak English well enough. So we reach out to them referring to your job post.

Can I get a refund?

If you are not happy with the results we'll refund you 100% of the money - no questions asked.

How do you work?

It's not rocket science - just applied common sense and a lot of communication. You have probably done that process yourself and wasted a lot of time with it. That's what we take from your shoulders.

Get a One-Off For Free

We'll start this very easy. Just send us an email (click the button for convenience or use [email protected]. If you attach a CV we'll respond with a free one-off check on that person.

  • No recurring fees
  • Find gems in a list of CVs
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